5 Feb 2020 - 6 Feb 2020 | Kortrijk, Belgium
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5 Feb 2020 - 6 Feb 2020
Kortrijk, Belgium
Prototyping MNE 2020 Matchmaking event

GoToS3 is a portfolio of 17 projects within the Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen cross-border cooperation programme. The objective of GoToS3 is to strengthen the links between cross-border actors in research, innovation and economic development, to the benefit of local companies. Our actions concern 6 key-sectors that structure the economy of our cross-border territory: mechatronics, new materials and cultural and creative industries, textiles, agriculture & food and healthcare.

The 17 GoToS3 projects cover the different aspects of the innovation chain: research (including technological platforms), the implementation of demonstrators, the definition of new products and services as well as support for innovation and business growth. Furthermore, GoToS3 wants to promote cross-sectoral innovation within the 17 projects of the portfolio (stimulating collaboration among the partners) and especially with companies (through X-innovation workshops).

Interreg is a key instrument of the European Union to support cross-border cooperation through project financing. The European territorial cooperation programme Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen (www.interreg-fwvl.eu) is aiming to promote economic and social exchanges on the cross-border territory.

More information on www.gotos3.eu!


Closed since 6 February 2020


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8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

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